Pool Rules Reminder

Ah, the first week of no school, nice weather, clear water at the pool. All great ingredients for a wonderful time. Please take a minute and refresh your memory on the rules for pool. Listed are some of the ones that are broken the most often. Parents and guardians, you are our most valuable asset in helping keep the pool a safe place each summer. Please take a minute to remind yourself and your kids of the rules so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable time.

  1. No running! Water on the cement, lots of pools toys on the deck, people milling about all make for great collisions. Slow feet keep you safe!
  2. No inflatables, snorkels and (NEW) SQUIRT GUNS. Unfortunately, there has been recent usage of  squirt guns on patrons reading books or using electronic devices while sitting pool side. Since the behavior wasn’t ceased when requested by the guards, we no can no longer allow them at the pool.
  3. Chair usage is primarily for the adults. Please be courteous of your chair usage. Especially on busy days, if you aren’t using your chair and you see there are others looking for a spot, please make room for them. We did add more chairs and seating space in the last year, so there should be room for all.
  4. Remember your pool card and ID! Make sure to have a photo ID with you and ready to show the guards when you walk in.
  5. You must be 14 or older to use the hot tub. Parents, please help remind your kids that if they are too young they should not be in there. A great visual aide to help the little ones: no toes or fingers on the dark gray areas around the hot tub.
  6. Please limit your guests to four (4) at a time.
  7. Leave the umbrellas closed on windy days. Last year there were a few times the umbrellas flew into the pool and over the fence on windy days. Its great to sit in the shade, but when there is more than a light breeze, please respect the guards when asked to put umbrellas down.

Want more? See the complete list of pool rules here. They are also posted on the fences at the pool.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to make sure the pool is safe and fun for everyone!