Pool is open at 11am

Two weeks ago, when we got the new pump operating, we found a water leak in the heater for the big pool.  We thought it was a gasket.  We replaced the gasket then found a second leak.  On June 3 a boiler repair person told us our 3-year old heater has a cracked heat exchanger.  The cause is freezing over the winter.  We notified our insurance company and the company that winterized our pool last Fall. Currently we are waiting for the replacement heat exchanger. We were told by the supplier to expect the part in 5 business days (June 10), installed and operational June 12. Supplier informed us on June 14 the part should be in mid to late next week (June 19-21).

The 2024 dues are $284.

Pool Hours:

Our Pool Rules are here: http://www.colbylakepool.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Colby-Lake-Swim-Pool-Rules-2022.pdf