THE POOL IS CLOSED UNTIL JUNE 3, MAYBE LONGER. (Saturday, May 27 at 7:00 pm) Last September WE ordered our pool management company to send the pool’s motor to an electric motor company to be refurbished. We do this every 3 years so we can count on the motor working all summer long. The motor was returned to us and we installed it. It worked fine for 2 days. Last Thursday it suddenly started overheating and stopped. We let it cool down, it would start, then stopped. On Friday morning our pool mechanics tried their tricks of the trade to make it work, but nothing succeeded. It is now back at the electric motor company to be repaired. If we were to purchase a new one, assuming we could find one quickly, it would probably come from Chicago and would take a couple days – after Memorial Day – to get here. Since then we have learned that several Metro Area pools received bad refurbished motors. The terrible news is that, if we are lucky, we’ll be able to open on Saturday (June 3) – a week from now. There is nothing we can do. State and County laws are very rigid about the pool operation to ensure everyone’s safety, and as much as we hate our neighbors hating us, we will not bend any rules to compromise our safety.



  • The sublease fee is $416.

This year we are requiring a hold harmless agreement from all users. This is driven by our insurer and helps us better manage our insurance premium.

Our Pool Rules are here: