The Pool Is Closed

The pool hours are here:

SEPTEMBER 4: The pool opens at 11:00.


Our Pool Rules are here:

POOL UPDATE JUNE 28: As you probably know, the pool is open.  We understand your frustration.  The pool was late opening because of an issue with the main pool pump.

Our Directors are all volunteers who have careers outside of the pool industry.  We know that if anything goes wrong with the main pool, the entire facility is closed.  To avoid this, we:

  • Have a state-of-the-art chemical controller measuring the chlorine level and pH level of the main pool every moment, 24/7, during the season.  In response to the reading the controller adds chlorine and muriatic acid as needed to keep a safe and comfortable pool.
  • Have a 2-year-old heather that monitors the temperature 24/7 to keep the pool water comfortable.
  • Have a licensed pool technician check the chemical levels, by hand, and the equipment, evert day.
  • Last Fall we had a pool technician inspect the pump housing for any signs of cracks or pinholes.  He also removed the motor and had it refurbished by an electrical motor company and replaced the impeller with a brand new one.

The new motor overheated and stopped.  We had 2 pool technicians examine the motor, 4 different electricians examine the electrical system and one of the technicians discussed the situation with every other technician in his company.  No one could find the problem.

Finally, the electricians agreed we could raise the motor starter to 50 AMPs safely.  We did this.  The pump still runs hot, but it keeps running.  We suspect that this Fall we are going to have to install a new pumping system and change to a 3-phase electrical service to properly correct the problem.

To make this up to you, our members and subleasees:

  • We are extending the season to, and including, September 17.  During weekends we will have staff.  During the weekdays (school days) we will not, but your gate code will let you in.
  • We are freezing the sublease fee to those current subleases members at $145 for the summer of 2024.

Once the season ends, we plan to follow the advice of some of our members and investigate a complete pool complex update.