We are a homeowner association, thus our membership is closed. Every year we have members who do not use their pool privileges. As an accommodation we sublease their pool privileges to non-members.

Members – If you want the Administrator to try to sublease your pool privileges, email the administrator or use the Contact Us form. Tell him you want to sublease your pool privileges. We will work hard to accommodate you, but we cannot guarantee success. The earlier we know the more likely we will succeed. We sublease pool privileges on a first come – first served basis. If you have made arrangements for a sublease on your own, send the administrator the details and he will prepare the necessary pool passes and gate codes. In addition to your annual dues ($284) we have a $152* administration fee to issue the pool passes and code the electronic gate lock.

Non-members – If you are interested in purchasing the pool privileges of one of our members, contact us using the contact form. The price for the 2024 season is $429*. You are given access to the pool complex just like any member has. Unless you take swim lessons, there is no other cost for the season. We will issue you two pool passes and your own code for the electronic gate lock. You are not given any voting rights. Voting rights are reserved for our members.

*For those families who subleased in 2023, we froze the sublease fee at $145.  Thus the total price for those families is $429.